Approximately what the collars look like. The material width of the leather can be thick or thin. Buckles are absent; the collar is seamless.

Collars are not common in Sector IX because they're a fashion statement. When a werewolf is admitted into one of the sectors, they are fitted with a permanent collar with their number engraved so the humans have an easy way to identify them if need be.

Their purpose is two-fold: identification and control. The collars are seamless (no buckles). Sandwiched between the leather is a chemical compound that, when severed, causes a small explosion which effectively decapitates the werewolf. This reaction occurs if the werewolf attempts to remove the collar or if they try to cross the Wall. The explosion is discreet and behaves like a wire tightening quickly around the neck, severing it clean from the shoulders. This ensures no damage comes to the person's surroundings.

Attached to the collar via a thin chain are the werewolf's dog tags. These are vital to their survival within the sectors, as it entitles them to food rations and housing. Without these, they couldn't buy themselves a single grain of rice.

The collar is engineered to change with the werewolf during their transformation and is still visibly present in wolf form.

It is impossible to remove the collar without the necessary equipment.

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