Dog Tags

Typical dog tags. They are usually made of steel and must be tested for silver impurities.

Werewolves, upon admittance into Sector IX, are fitted with a collar. Attached to the collar by a thin chain are a pair of dog tags with their number and phase engraved on them. These tags are vitally important to every individual, as they entitle him/her to food rations and housing. Without these, they wouldn't be allowed to buy a single grain of rice.

Since they have to wear these 24/7, werewolves have since made additions and modifications as a subtle 'fuck you' to the humans who imprisoned them. Their wolf name is crudely engraved on the backs. The symbol of their pack may also accompany it. Jewelry like rings or other tokens are added on the chain to represent their bond with a mate. Prestigious mentors will sometimes leave their mark on the tags of their students.

Other than their own blood, a werewolf's tags are their most valuable possession so long as they are within Sector IX's walls. Looters, thieves and black market tradesmen will use any dirty means they can to remove these and trade them or use them.

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