Ferine are characterized by their scrawny, scraggly look. This one is still in relatively good shape compared to others. Note the collar, marking him as once a werewolf of Sector IX.

Ferine are werewolves who've lost touch completely with their human half. Due to overpopulation within Sector IX, many werewolves were not getting the amount of social stimulation they needed, or didn't have enough responsibilities within the pack to feel necessary. As a result they begin to withdraw from friends and family. They eventually vanish, and once found it's usually too late. There have been no known cases of rehabilitating a Ferine and reintroducing them into a more human environment. Though no studies have been done, it appears that some kind of brain damage or a shift in brain chemistry occurs, as the Ferine observed by others have shown zero relation to their human half.


Ferine exclusively appear in wolf form; they've rejected their human side and take that form only if they absolutely need to (ie to use their opposable thumbs). Ferine are characterized by their bony, emaciated bodies, mangy fur (often falling out in places), many scars and tears from scraps with real werewolves or other Ferine, and a rank smell that suggests they're rotting from the inside out.


Ferine are unnaturally hostile toward werewolves and sometimes other Ferine. They will growl, bite, snap and snarl at anyone in the near vicinity. They will pursue on foot anything they consider prey. As a result, it is almost invariably a death sentence to run, as along the way you will likely attract other Ferine in the area.

While Ferine do not have an organized pack hierarchy like other werewolves, they do seem to gather in groups, making them a considerable threat in the areas they've infested. While a group of Ferine are no match for a werewolf pack, they've been known to overwhelm their prey both in numbers and because of the sheer ferocity with which they attack.

Though Ferine have no more strengths than an average werewolf, they do seem to sport one advantage. In a fight, Ferine are not deterred by pain. Reports of Ferine continuing to attack even after they've sustained broken legs or life-threatening wounds have come in from those werewolves who've encountered them.


A ferine feeding on the remains of a Fireblooded werewolf it killed.


Ferine are cannibals, hunting down and feeding upon werewolves. They do not avidly hunt other Ferine, though they've been known to eat them too if they happen to get into a fatal fight with one.


The most popular theory for the existence of the Ferine is overpopulation, subsequent neglect and a lack of roles to fill. As werewolves are an intensely social species, both their pack interaction and instinct to fulfill a responsibility can lead to mental instability if these needs go ignored. This theory is most popular because it coincides with the behavior of domestic dogs, who similarly develop aggressive disorders when neglected or left without a job.

Another theory is that Ferine are the result of werewolves who refuse to fulfill their Calling. Since any discussion of Callings is considered taboo, no studies have been conducted to determine the result if a werewolf ignores their Calling for too long. In other words, your guess is as good as ours. Since Ferine did exist, albeit in fewer numbers, before the Sectors were instated, this theory does hold some logic.


In Sector IX, the Ferine have almost completely overrun Wonderland, and groups have been seen encroaching on the abandoned air strip.

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