Judgment's Calling is the need to seek out and bring justice to evil-doers. The sense of right and wrong tends to be personally developed by the were, and not a universal standard. Many Judges become akin to vigilantes, frustrated with the system of law or the government and leadership in their communities. Many Judges also appear to have issues with authority, due to their innate sense of "knowing" what is right, and the compulsion to enforce that, regardless of the rules laid down by their superiors. This subconscious feeling tends to lead to feelings of superiority, and it is not uncommon for a werewolf with Judgment's Calling to become an Alpha. The only authority any seem to respect is one that has similar "laws" to their own, and that tends to be a chosen Alpha, if they do not become one themselves. Even at a low rank, it's been shown that many Judges tend to ignore the rest of the pack hierarchy once they have chosen their Alpha.

Known Judges

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