Mardero Pack

Very very WIP


The Mardero Pack was the first established pack in Sector IX, and for a brief period between 2014 and 2016 included the whole of the Sector within their territory, free of rival packs and Ferine. The Mardero pack initially consisted of the original group of fifty werewolves confined to Sector IX. It was led by the devoted and charismatic Alpha Julio “Audaz” Mardero, who referred to his people as El Licantropo (El Tropo), a term which has persisted to the present day to refer to werewolves living within Sector IX. In August 2019, Julio Mardero was betrayed by his Gamma attempting to climb the ladder and was arrested by the Soldat for numerous offenses. He was ultimately publicly executed by silver guillotine. The pack’s outrage over the murder of their leader was the catalyst for the Mardero’s anti-human stance. Julio Mardero’s alphaship was succeeded by his militant Beta, Sylvia “Chancer” O’Donnell, under whose leadership the Underground was firmly established, and who introduced many of the Irish slang terms common in Sector IX. The turncoat Gamma, Carlos “Didacus” Dierra, joined the Soldat and rose through the ranks. His name is dirt in Sector IX, where ‘Didacus’ has become synonymous with ‘treacherous’.

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