St. Torello's Church

The main chapel hall of St. Torello's has been looted and ransacked, and fallen into disrepair over the last fourteen years. The stained glass windows, however, remain unusually pristine.

St. Torello’s is a large church located in Maple, Vaughn, northwest of Concord. Formerly St. David’s Parish, the church was rededicated in the name of St. Torello in 2012 when a new St. David’s Church was constructed in King. It features vaulted ceilings, a large altar and elegant yellow stained glass. While it once contained enough pews to seat 400 people, these have since been scavenged for scrap wood. St. Torello’s has been a major base of operations and meeting ground for the Mardero Pack since Julio Mardero chose it as a lodging for his original, small pack in 2014.

Saint Torello

Tropo generally think of St. Torello as the patron saint of pissing off wolves. As a result, the werewolves enjoy slandering his name, blaspheming in his church, and generally desecrating his memory.

The story of St. Torello says that he was born in Poppi, Italy. One day he was playing a game with friends and a cock flew onto his arm and crowed three times. Seeing this incident as a sign from God, Torello hastened to a nearby monastery to confess his sins. Thereafter he became a hermit of great holiness.

One day, as a mother was washing clothes with her three-year-old son beside her, a wolf seized the boy in its jaws and ran off. Screaming, the mother rushed after the animal. The wolf then stumbled into Torello’s cell. Instantly the hermit commanded the beast by the authority of God to put down the boy. The wolf thereupon laid the child at Torello’s feet. Torello then commanded the wolf never to attack anyone again. The hermit now prayed over the nearly lifeless boy. When the frantic mother reached Torello’s cell, she found her son safe and sound.

Written by: Skiecrow

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