View of the park from the top of a roller coaster.

Wonderland is an abandoned theme park in the Western portion of Sector IX. It was closed prior to the building of Sector IX when Cedar Fair went bankrupt due to several lawsuits over roller coaster malfunctions, which led to several tragic deaths. With no electricity in Sector IX, none of the attractions work anymore, and the park has long fallen into disuse. Because it wasn't a practical location for shelter, it was generally ignored and werewolves only ventured in to forage for scrap metal or other parts. Over the past five years the park has developed an infestation of Ferine, making it one of the most dangerous locations. However, some werewolves do explore the park in search of spare metal parts, or to observe the Ferine, whose existence has continued to remain a mystery to werewolves and humans alike.


An abandoned arcade stall with graffiti on the wall reading, "the old fortune teller lies dead on the floor, nobody needs fortunes told anymore."


At Wonderland's center is Wonder Mountain, an artificially built mountain that used to sport high diving acts from the falls and even had a couple coasters running through it. Tunnels both leading behind the falls and to several bathrooms are still open. No one ventures near Wonder mountain anymore, as it's theorized that this is where the majority of the Ferine gather.

The gardens and natural vegetation around the parks has overgrown completely, devouring everything and leaving only the vacant skeletons of rides and attractions behind. Graffiti is common on the few remaining structures still standing, and Wonder Mountain in particular was subject to much vandalism before the park was abandoned to the Ferine.


Despite the danger, werewolves do still venture into Wonderland, usually in search of metal parts or other valuable materials they can use. With resources so limited in Sector IX, it's important to make use of what's already been left behind. The most common needs include materials for shelter, mechanical engineering (especially for those involved in the Underground wishing to alter weapons), and to fix malfunctioning medical equipment.


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